Blank Book Called ‘Reasons To Vote For Democrats’ Becomes Bestseller

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Gage Cohen Contributor
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A book called “Reasons To Vote For Democrats by the Daily Wire’s Michael J. Knowles is currently the number 7 book overall on Amazon’s best seller list, with almost 300 reviews and nearly a perfect five-star rating.

The funny part? Its pages are blank.

Trolling Democrats and serious political authors everywhere, the blank book is currently number 4 on Amazon’s “New Releases” section and the number 1 book in “Political Humor,” notably surpassing a book by Trevor Noah, who is reportedly an actual comedian who wrote an actual book, complete with words and paragraphs.

Reason To Vote For Democrats has a table of contents, a bibliography, and 266 numbered, mostly-white pages to boot.

Michael Knowles works for the Daily Wire and serves as the “nobel-prize winning cultural correspondent” for the Andrew Klavan Show.

Ben Shapiro, author and editor-in-chief of Daily Wire called the book “thorough.”

Knowles will be on “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning at 6:50 AM to discuss his best-selling book, which you can pick up on Amazon for 9 bucks.

“Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” — $8.99