Meet The World’s Most Progressive Eleven Year Old [VIDEO]

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Dylan is an eleven-year-old progressive with an extreme view on communism, and liberals nationwide want him to lead the progressive movement, according to a recent interview with New York Magazine.

He first started creating YouTube videos in 2015, when he was only 9 years old. Although he first started by speaking about his love for Pokemon, it didn’t take long for the progressive youngster to turn to taking down God, capitalism, and Wall Street.


“A lot of times it just comes from inspiration in me. Fear, rage, disgust … a lot of it is triggered by emotions,” Dylan said in February about his videos.


“I’d change capitalism to communism in a nanosecond,” Dylan reported about the first steps he’d take if he was president. “Actually, socialism. Not communism. Then I’d move the troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.”


Dylan went on to say that those who oppose his viewpoints do so with “no facts.” “I think people need to remember definitions are important,” Dylan concluded, when asked about the difference between capitalism and communism.

Pop Dust featured a story about the little progressive that asks Dylan to head up the progressive movement.

“Let’s be real: Dylan is a kid with a lot to learn, but he’s making concise, clear argument backed up by facts. He’s better at political messaging than the Democratic Party,” writer Ben Tomaiuolo wrote in February. “Let’s not forget that this kid is woke and will probably be leading a proletarian revolution in college.”

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