This Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Has An Interesting Customer Rating And Is $200 Off Today

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This Lenovo Thinkpad is convertible, meaning it can function as both a laptop and a tablet as well as “anything in between” (whatever that means). It also is $200 off today. And considering it typically goes for just under $500, that’s a sizable discount. But none of that is the most interesting aspect of this product listing. That would be the fact that it has a perfect 5 out of 5 star customer rating.

Normally $480, this convertible computer is 42 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $480, this convertible computer is 42 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E-G3 Convertible, Intel:N3160/CQC, 1.6 GHz, 128 GB, Intel-HD/IGP, Windows 10 Home Edition-64 bit, Black, 11.6″ HD Touch on sale for $279.99

Now, when you look a littler closer, it becomes clear how this Thinkpad has achieved the impossible. There is only one review! But the review is very flattering. Yet, it also is completely realistic. It makes a great case for why you should take advantage of this one-day deal. I’ll post it here for your convenience:

I have bought a bunch of these in all three generations for myself and clients. They’ve been the deal of the day a number of times and I’ve bought them elsewhere too. They usually sell out as the Deal of the Day. I’m a computer tech who works with some small offices that need windows touch screen computers for an app or two. I also think they make a great student laptop. This third gen has an updated processor, a little longer battery life, and supposedly a little stronger frame. These are in no way a powerhouse, but for a laptop of this size and price they’re very nice. It works well as a laptop and it works well as a tablet when you flip the screen all the way over. For this “Deal of the Day” Woot or Amazon made a new product page so that’s why the only review is from today.

Yes they’re clunky. For their size they have a big bezel around the screen, they are a little heavier than you would expect, and they aren’t as thin as some. The Amazon weight is totally wrong. This is a little over 3 pounds. But on the flip side of the coin, they can take a beating. They have a strong frame and are rough-and-tumble ready. They’re military spec–whatever that means. I feel secure giving the 11e to my kids. Cheap laptops don’t often stand up to abuse and the Yoga 11e really does. I think I’ve worked with over 20 of just this 3rd generation over the past year or so and there have been no hardware failures. Most of these have been employee laptops and in the same situation other laptops have failed when abused.

The screen is low resolution, but if it were higher resolution everything on the screen would be even smaller. I don’t want high resolution on a small laptop like this. It’s IPS so it has good viewing angles. The touch works well in laptop or tablet mode.

The processor isn’t very powerful. The Celron processor in this third generation has been the 3150, but now it’s the 3160. The only difference is that the turbo mode is not quite 10% faster in this 3160. It’s not the type of laptop that you open a ton of windows and programs at one time. I think it’s perfectly usable for web, Netflix, Word, etc. It’s perfect as long as you’re not trying to do all that at once! 🙂 My kids play Minecraft on it and don’t complain. It doesn’t come with Microsoft Office. The second generation Yoga with the Core-M processor is a good bit faster but it’s about $400 on Amazon today. There is a i3 version of the 3rd gen, but I’ve not seen it inexpensive.

Everything else is good too. I like the keyboard, but it’s not backlit. The touchpad is ok but I prefer actual left and right-click buttons. The touchscreen works great. The speakers are pretty good. You get two USB, an SD card slot, an HDMI out, a wired internet port, and a rectangular power cord port. Both USB are third generation. The 720p webcam is ok but nothing special. The power button is on the side so you can reach it in tablet mode and is one of those you have to hold for a second or two for it to turn on. There are physical volume buttons next to the power button. The battery life is nice and long. I’ve not timed it, but I think we get around 8 hours out of it. The 128GB SSD won’t win any speed awards, but it’s a lot faster than a spinning disk and in a convertible you need a drive that can be moved around. The drive is much faster than the previous generation Yoga 11e.

These aren’t hard to open up. Something like 7 screws on the bottom panel and it pops up. There’s only one ram slot and the hard drive is the M.2 format. The physical format is m.2 and I believe that it uses the SATA protocal. I don’t have any way of verifying if these can use PCIe m.2 drives before the deal of the day is over. I’m not positive on the SATA protocal, but I am sure about the m.2 for all the gen 3 I’ve used.

I think most of the time I’ve gotten Windows Pro with these, so I’m sad this only has Windows home. The main difference between home and pro is that you can connect Pro to a local Windows Server Domain. Windows pro also has a little more control over Windows Update in Windows 10.

I like these Yoga 11e. It won’t win style awards, but there’s nothing uglier than a stylish laptop in a pile of broken plastic. This is a tough little laptop/tablet that will survive to be used again tomorrow.

Thanks, Michael, for the info.

This is a laptop and a tablet (Photo via Amazon)

This is a laptop and a tablet (Photo via Amazon)

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