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Samantha Bee To Kid With Brain Cancer: You Have Nazi Hair

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I don’t think you people understand the sacrifices I make to bring you this quality content, day after day. For example, just now I watched five entire minutes of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. As punishment for your lack of appreciation, I am now subjecting you to it.

WARNING: Strong language and untalented Canadians

Update: That was quick! They took down the video already, as I assumed they would. Here it is.

So apparently, working on this show is a stepping stone to becoming a Daily Show correspondent. It’s good to have goals.

If you could only take about 60 seconds of that clip, I can’t blame you. But at least you caught the best part: The edgy comedians calling out the dudes with “Nazi hair.” Like this kid:

Ha ha ha! Get ’em, Samantha Bee!

There’s just one problem with this hilarious joke, though:

Well, too bad, kid. Brain cancer or no, if you don’t want Samantha Bee to mock your personal appearance on national TV, you shouldn’t disagree with her political views.

Hey, that’s the price of great comedy, right?

It’s okay to punch Nazis, and you can recognize Nazis by their haircuts. If you end up hurting a cancer patient or two along the way, that’s just how it goes.

Update: I’ll let you decide how sincere this sounds to you.

Will she apologize on next week’s show? If so, let me know. I’ve already watched my annual quota of Samantha Bee.

Update: Here’s Kyle’s GoFundMe page. Maybe Samantha can ease her conscience by making a donation.

Update: And to top it all off, Kyle is a NeverTrumper. Solid work once again, Sam!