Budweiser Seriously Developing Space Beer [VIDEO]


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Budweiser wants astronauts to be able to crack open a cold beer in outer space, but the laws of physics aren’t making it easy.

The beer company held a “Bud On Mars” panel intended to help develop the first beer capable of being drunk in space or on the low-gravity Red Planet.

“We have a lot of stuff that reminds you of home, but we don’t have beer,” Clay Anderson, a retired astronaut recruited by Budweiser to develop microgravity microbrews, told Co.Crate Monday. “Would it totally change the experience? No. Would it make it better? Absolutely.”

The Budweiser panel identified several issues with sending beer into space.

Carbonated beverages like beer don’t do well in a zero-gravity environment, and the pressure inside a beer can or bottle could be different than the pressure outside the container, which could cause a small explosion.


Presently, the only drinks that function properly in free-fall come in a bag with a straw and cannot be carbondated.

Budweiser has also considered issues producing beer in space or on Mars. They concluded that the lack of water would make brewing difficult and the lack of direct sunlight will make it difficult to grow hops.  Additionally, it is much more difficult to taste food in space because astronauts’ tongues tend to swell. Budweiser claims it is deeply committed to solving all these problems.

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