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It’s Been A Couple Of Weeks Since That Huge Scandal With Mike Pence’s Email

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Remember that? Remember how they tried to compare Mike Pence’s legal, honest email use with Hillary Clinton’s illegal, dishonest email use? And remember how that story changed everything, at least to a bunch of desperate “journalists”? For a few hours, anyway, until they realized it was a big ol’ goose egg and they moved on to the next “scandal.”

I’d forgotten all about that very important news story, but I was reminded of it when I saw this earlier this evening:

Within the space of an hour, yet another HUGE TRUMP STORY OMG totally imploded. Yesterday it was something else, which I can’t even remember now. Tomorrow it’ll be something else, which nobody will remember the day after that.

This keeps happening. And none of these guys are learning anything from it. I guess they get the short-term benefit of slightly better ratings, but every day they just chip away at what’s left of their reputations.

There are many legitimate reasons to criticize Donald Trump. I’m not a fan, myself. But his presidency so far has provided endless entertainment as our moral, ethical and intellectual betters make complete fools of themselves.

I suppose they could earn back my respect somehow, after the past 15 years of observing their utter corruption and dishonesty. But it would require a lobotomy, either on their part or mine. Either way works for me at this point.