Joyless Feminists Fume Over Viral BBC Pundit’s Children Video


Caleb Stephen Freelance Writer
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I think we’ve all seen it by now. A viral video of a geopolitical analyst giving an important BBC interview about tensions between North and South Korea who then gets interrupted by two of his kids causing his wife to scoot in and dramatically retreat with them from the room.

When I first saw it, I thought to myself “oh my goodness that’s sooo funny.” I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that felt that way. Millions of people saw it and the viral video’s taken the internet by fire for the last few days.

Cute, funny and hilarious, right?

But as usual, there just had to be those who didn’t quite share the same light hearted vibes. Who could they possibly be? Hmm I wonder… You guessed it…. the usual suspects – the shrieking, joyless, ugly, fat feminists and social justice warriors.

A whining hit-piece written by a self-described ‘killjoy spinster aunt’ named ‘Moley Tant’ (what kind of name is that anyway?) for the New Statesman fretted: “The BBC pundit’s children video is NOT FUNNY. It’s patriarchy in a nutshell.”


Seriously couldn’t the feminists just have a day off? Couldn’t they just not interrupt and spoil a light-hearted, warm, funny, cute moment with their deranged screeching and irritating virtue signaling… for once? Just once?


Tant continued her epic whinging: “It also exposes one reason why there are more men delivering their opinions all over our televisions most days — because women are doing the behind the scenes work needed to make that feasible. True equality will not have been achieved until we see a father desperately clawing at a baby wheeler while a woman talks about the rising threat of nuclear war.”

“Basically, the message this video delivers to me is: being a man is playing life on the easy setting. Once again, the yawning awareness of the patriarchy sh*** on my ability to enjoy something. I can see why so few female Moles are feminists. ”

“Here’s the worst/best bit of the video. When Mr Pundit doesn’t even turn round to acknowledge his child, but instead gives the little tyke a gentle shove to get out of the way.”

“If a woman had done that, we wouldn’t be sharing the video while wiping tears of laughter from our eyes. We’d be knee-deep in a tedious discussion about whether she’s a terrible mother and whether her career of Korea Takes was leading her to ignore the small, simple pleasures of watching a child dance like a loon. ”

“Also – ALSO – Mr Pundit shoves the kid back with the easy reassurance of someone who knows that another person is going to swoop in and deal with the kids. This, you feel, is the kind of guy who refers to looking after his own children as “babysitting”.”

She concludes her rant: “Still, though, pity me. Once again, an awareness of the unequal nature of caring labour has ruined a great viral video. ”


Oh dear.

Well Ms Tant, I have news for you. Might I suggest that you’re the one that has ruined a ‘great viral video’ by trying to make it all about gender roles? Might I suggest you’re the one that’s ignoring the “small simple pleasures of watching a child dance like a loon”?

Let’s look at this from a scientific point of view. Women are better at caring for children than men. They produce milk (men obviously don’t). They’re more emotional and thus able to better connect with children. How could that be a bad thing? Biology proves that men and women have different gender roles and I’m pretty sure we all agree that holds more water than anyone’s screeching opinion.

And if it was a woman and not a man in this video, we wouldn’t be in an uproar about some random malarkey, we’d be still laughing just the same because our lives aren’t consistently infected and affected by mind-numbing, nonsensical, ear poison about white, bigoted, misogynistic males conspiring to oppress the womenfolk of the West and destroy the planet.

Wait did I just mention oppression? Yeah, it’s a fitting time to introduce you to fundamental Islam where women are literally commanded to be beaten up, raped, killed and enslaved every day… all day long.

So much for protesting women’s oppression and “patriarchy” while wearing “p*** hats,” screaming “Allahu Akhbar” like deranged morons and parading around in hijabs (a symbolic garb of oppression). How about paying a visit to Saudi Arabia and then coming back to the West to see the stark difference (that’s if you make it out alive)? How about thinking twice about being a hypocrite?

Miserable, righteously indignant, permanently offended, permanently angry, joyless, cancerous, identitarian feminists like Tant just can’t help allowing a day to pass without spending their every waking moment injecting their screeching autistic paranoia about “patriarchal oppression” into the zeitgeist.

Why can’t feminists just calm down for once and enjoy a funny video without spoiling the fun by turning it into a social justice issue… without flaunting it as a validation of their stupid conspiracy theories about misogynistic white male oppression?

I’m not holding my breath.