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Watch #NotAllMuslims Take French Soldier Hostage ‘For Allah’

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On Saturday, a man named Ziyed Ben Belgacem shot a Paris police officer and then took a female soldier hostage in the Orly Airport. During the latter attack, he was heard screaming that he wanted to kill and die for Allah. Fortunately, he only managed the latter.

The following clip doesn’t show his death, which I suppose is alright. Video courtesy of the Associated Press:

And here’s how that turned out for him:

Il ne dort pas.

The autopsy found traces of cocaine and cannabis, and Belgacem’s blood alcohol was twice the legal limit in France. So that’s probably why he did this. It had nothing to do with Islam. Hey, who hasn’t taken a soldier hostage in an airport after a few cocktails, right?

As always, my condolences go out to Muslims everywhere. You’re the victims here. You’re always the victims.