Gorsuch, Sen. Whitehouse Clash On Disclosure Laws — ‘The Ball Is In Your Court’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Judge Neil Gorsuch and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse engaged in a lively debate on disclosure laws during Gorsuch’s Tuesday confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


“We have this $10 million that is being spent on behalf of your confirmation,” the Rhode Island Democrat posed to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. “Do you think for instance, that we on this panel ought to know who is behind that?”

Gorsuch responded by noting “that’s a policy question for this body.”

“Well, it’s also a question of disclosure,” Whitehouse continued. “You could ask right now that as a matter of courtesy, as a matter of respect to the process, that anybody funding this should declare themselves so that we can evaluate who is behind this effort, right?”

“That wouldn’t be a policy determination. That would be your values determination.”

Neil Gorsuch (Getty Images)

Neil Gorsuch (Getty Images)

“It would be a politics question,” Gorsuch answered. “I’m not, with all due respect, Senator, going to get involved in politics.”

“If this body wishes to pass legislation, that’s a political question for this body, and there’s ample room for this body to pass disclosure laws for dark money or anything else it wishes to, that can be tested in the courts, so Senator, with all due respect, the ball’s in your court.”

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