Media And Legal Observers Heap Praise On Gorsuch

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Judge Neil Gorsuch’s three days of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee have yielded praise from media and legal observers.

“He has actual charisma he’s able to give off. His intelligence shone through — his good humor at moments but also he knew when to say he is independent from President Trump,” The New York Times’ Patrick Healy told CNN.

The Washington Post said Gorsuch was the “picture of a cool, calm, self-assured justice.”

NBC’s Mark Halperin said, “The staff that’s handling him and that helped prepare him did a very good job just as the pick was a very good pick politically and substantively. … Gorsuch is doing so well, in part, because he’s so well prepared.”

Fox Business Network’s Jane Nitze also noticed how Gorsuch’s personality favored him greatly throughout the hearing.

“And one thing I’ve been actually pleased about in watching the hearing is that the warrant of his personality, his kindness, his wittiness, his humor, all of it is shining through, and I think he has built a great persona on all sides of the aisle here,” she said.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said on a panel Tuesday night, “He’s doing well. He knows more constitutional law than anyone who is asking these questions. There are 52 Republican senators, is there anything that would cost him the support of any of those Republican senators? Not even close. There have been some interesting exchanges. Obviously, he’s got some charm, a lot of intelligence and he’s doing fine.”

Georgetown Law professor Randy Barnett thought that “Gorsuch made effective response to Dem cherry-picking his record with lots of other cases that went other way.”

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing said that Gorsuch gave an “impressively disciplined performance,” while CNBC’s John Harwood stated on Twitter that “There is no chance under the sun that Democrats defeat Gorsuch nomination. he makes extremely strong case for himself.”

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