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Uh-Oh. These Real-Life Stories Show That Most Insurance Policies Don’t Actually Cover Firearms Claims

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Most homeowners, renters and auto insurance policies limit their protection for guns, leaving you with some serious gaps in your firearm coverage. We believe that owning a gun is an essential right and protecting your firearms is critical as a responsible gun owner.

At Lockton, we deal with firearm-related claims every single day, from the mundane to the outrageous, from city dwellers to rural residents—and everything in between. Unfortunately, many people do not realize their current policies don’t cover real-life situations. Do you have the right insurance for your collection? Do you know what your policy does or does not cover? Here are some real-life claim stories that give an insight into why firearm insurance is a good idea.

Theft from vehicle:

Bill had his locked truck in a public parking lot, his window punched out, and his firearm stolen out of his vehicle. He tried submitting a claim through his homeowners’ insurance only to discover they would not cover the loss. Fortunately, Bill had ArmsCare Plus coverage to help cover the cost for the theft of his gun.


You never know what could happen while you’re on the water. Dave had been enjoying hunting and was headed home in his flat bottom boat. The wind happened to be whipping at about 30 mph, and another much larger boat zipped past them heading the opposite direction causing Dave’s boat to overturn. He lost several shotguns in the water. Dave immediately reported the lost firearms to the police and to his homeowners’ insurance agent. However, after filing the claim, he found out his homeowners’ policy provided no coverage for the lost guns. The good news—his claim and his request were accepted under his ArmsCare Plus policy.

Limit on homeowners’ policy:

There are about 4,800 home invasions every day, and there are three things that most thieves are looking for: firearms, jewelry and electronics. A couple of months ago Jeff had a break-in at his home resulting in approximately $6,000 in stolen firearms. When he submitted the claim under his homeowners’ policy, he found out that it had a $3,000 limit on guns. Luckily, his ArmsCare Plus Policy made-up the loss.

Damage to firearm:

Even those well-versed in gun safety can be victims when Mother Nature is involved. Jake was using diligence while out hunting but happened to step into a badger hole and broke the stock of his shotgun. He found out the hard way that his homeowners’ policy provided no coverage for damage to his gun—not even accidental. Fortunately, he had thought ahead, and his ArmsCare Plus policy covers this type of accident. Jake filed a claim and quickly collected his reimbursement for the repair.

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These stories are just a few everyday examples of what can happen to your guns. Even in the normal course of your day, your guns are exposed to risk. Take some time today to make sure you are protected.

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