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Morning Mirror: Washington Journalist In Dire Need Of A Bobby Pin

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Anybody have a small bobby pin I can borrow?”

Anonymous male D.C. journo.


BREAKING: There is no tanning bed in the White House 

“We’re also nearing 100 days without a tanning bed in the White House.” — Eve Peyser, politics writer, Vice.

Congrats? The Atlantic puts Rosie Gray on the White House beat.

Geraldo weighs in on Gorsuch nomination…

“Clear that #Dems biggest problem w @GorsuchNeil is last year’s #GOP diss of @MerrickGarland. Payback is always a bitch. What goes around…” — Geraldo Rivera, Fox News.

On not reacting to Trump tweets…

“I think I’ve successfully weaned myself off of reacting to Trump tweets. Email me for my 12-step program.” — Ben White, Politico.

The Observer

“Comedians are doing a better job of covering Trump than serious news networks, because satire has a really low tolerance for bullshit.” — Carlos Maza, Vox, formerly a hack at Media Matters.

SHOCKER: CNN’s Brian Stelter writes a piece that is anti-Fox News 

See here.

Youth pastor has a weird, bloody dream involving President Trump

“So I had the weirdest dream last night. I was at my Grandmother’s house in Waynesboro on the couch talking to Donald Trump and he was really being cool and charming. And then my (deceased) dog Tyson jumped up on the couch and started biting at one of Trump’s friends face. We calmed Tyson down and then another dog came and bit Tyson’s tail and wouldn’t let go. And it was so sad. He was crying because he was in so much pain. So I start punching the other dog in the face and he finally let go, leaving a pool of Tyson’s blood. What’s funny is how I woke up with my heart pounding after such a stupid dream.” — Eric Anthony Brown.

CNN hires April Ryan to be a political analyst: Here’s how that played out.

Washington Free Beacon blasts her 





Politico brags about scooping this ‘important’ news

“FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: NEW CNN CONTRIBUTORS: APRIL RYAN has been named a CNN political analyst. She is the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks.”

D.C. paparazzi gives up cell phone: WTF? 

“I’m trying something new this week, NO CELL PHONE.. gotta say it feels good.” — Mark Wilkins.

Quick question to ponder… “If the president tweeted an April Fool’s Day joke, would anyone be able to tell?” — Daily Mail‘s David Martosko.

It’s OFFICIAL: Journo quits smoking

“I’m going to put it in writing so it’s official: I have quit smoking.” — Patrick Howley, ex-Breitbart writer, American Spectator writer and “Untitled Patrick Howley Project.”

Journo reinvents The Weekly Standard: Dogs may apply for positions 



















Actress goes on Dr. Phil to talk about her stolen sex tape