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Shia LaBeouf Could Double His UK Box Office With One Weird Trick

(Photo credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

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As Katie Jerkovich reports, the movie Man Down starring Shia LaBeouf sold exactly one ticket in the UK this weekend. In fairness, the film was simultaneously released digitally on demand, and it only opened in one theater in the UK. It’s still pretty embarrassing, but it also presents a golden opportunity. If you’re out there, Shia, here’s how you can sell at least one more ticket:

Hang up one of these flags inside the theater, and point your hewillnotdivide.us webcam at it.

I guarantee you that at least one autistic 4chan dude will buy a movie ticket, just for the chance to take down that flag. You’ll get their money and some free publicity for your flick. It’s a win/win.

You’re welcome, Shia.