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#NotAllTrucks Kill Three In Stockholm

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Most trucks are good. They haul people and cargo around peacefully. They’re helpful and productive. Most trucks have never and would never hurt anyone. Please keep that in mind as you read the following news.

Jacob Bojesson reports:

A truck rammed into a crowd of people Friday in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, killing at least three…

Eye witnesses said the truck belonged to a popular beer brand. It’s unclear who was behind the wheel.

This is shocking news, and emotions are running hot right now, but it’s more important than ever to keep level heads and avoid throwing around blame. Not all trucks did this. Calling this a “truck attack” unfairly blames all the peaceful trucks out there.

My condolences go out to trucks everywhere today who are bracing for an anti-truck backlash that will somehow never happen. Automophobia is wrong, whether or not it actually occurs in real life.

We may never know why this truck did such a terrible thing. And by “may,” I mean “will.” It’s best that we forget all about this unfortunate incident until the next time it happens, at which point we can begin the cycle of denial all over again.