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Dylann Roof Pleads Guilty To State Murder Charges

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When I think about human garbage like Dylann Roof, I don’t understand how anybody can be against the death penalty. Roof had his chance to make something of his life, and he threw it away. He murdered nine people in a church just because they were black. I envy the guy who gets to push the button on this animal.

The repugnant freak was sentenced to death in federal court earlier this year, so I guess he figures there’s no point in fighting the state charges. John Bacon, USA Today:

Dylann Roof, already facing execution for his 2015 shooting rampage at a historically black church that left nine people dead, pleaded guilty Monday to state murder charges in a Charleston, S.C., courtroom…

His plea wrapped up the state’s prosecution and means families of the victims will be spared the anguish of a second trial. Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson said the deal would serve as an “insurance policy” in case the federal conviction and sentencing hit a snag on appeal.

That makes sense, I guess. I understand why the process takes so long, but this guy admits he did it. He’s proud of it. The sooner we’re rid of him, the better.

While I don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement on much, they’re absolutely right about this guy. This wasn’t an act of self-defense, like the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were. This was cold-blooded murder by an unrepentant racist. If anybody in the history of the world has ever deserved the death penalty, it’s this bastard.

Killing Dylann Roof won’t bring back his victims, but at least he’ll be dead. Buh-bye, scumbag.