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Alec Baldwin Gets Hostile With Photog At Reagan Airport

(Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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SNL’s President Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin got up in the grill of a Washington, D.C. paparazzi photographer Wednesday in the baggage claim of Reagan National Airport, The Mirror has learned.

The incident nearly turned physical, but according to the photog, Baldwin got in his face and said, “You’re not worth it.”

Which might be among the few times that Baldwin walked away from a fight with a journalist.

The actor is known for his tiffs with the media. In late 2013, he allegedly called a New York Post photog a “cocksucking faggot” but later insisted that he had called him a “fat head.” MSNBC fired him anyway.

A day after that incident, Baldwin had another run-in with the press, specifically a female TV reporter. He shouted in her face.

D.C. paparazzi photog Mark Wilkins seems to intuitively know when famous people are coming to Washington. Upon their arrival, he’s usually there and ready to ask stars to take selfies with him.

Usually they play along.

But in the case of Baldwin, Wilkins baited him hard.

“I cursed out Alec Baldwin this afternoon,” he texted The Mirror.

When pressed to spill more details, Wilkins wrote, “He is just a nasty bitch I told him he owes Donald Trump a big thank you for resurrecting his sorry fucking career I told him I see you travel with your young BF HE JUMPED in my face and said I wasn’t worth it. Lol.”

A nasty bitch, indeed.

In 2014, CNN’s openly gay correspondent Anderson Cooper appeared on Howard Stern and called Baldwin out for using the word “cocksucker.” He was incredulous that Baldwin seemed not to know that calling someone a “cocksucker” was an anti-gay slur.

In 2015, Daily Caller reporter Kaitlan Collins wrote a story about Baldwin having five nannies for his two small children. He didn’t like it. So he called her a “drunk hag” and blocked her on Twitter.

In March, 2017, Infowars host Alex Jones challenged Baldwin to a fist fight. Jones promised to break the actor’s jaw for charity.

Wilkins doesn’t seem to really completely despise Baldwin or think he dates young men.

“I was just teasing him,” he told The Mirror.

Asked if he’d ever had a run-in with Baldwin before, he replied, “He has always been a prick. I told him it’s pretty sad that his brothers don’t even like him.”

I asked Baldwin for comment on Twitter.

Considering he has, for some mysterious reason, blocked me too, I’m not sure he saw my request. I didn’t hear back from him in Mirror press time.