Gutfeld: Trump’s ‘Big Beautiful Bomb… Ruined North Korea’s Weekend’ [VIDEO]

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Greg Gutfield declared during Fox News’ Thursday edition of “The Five” that the U.S. officially “ruined North Korea’s weekend.”

The Fox News host’s opening monologue praised Trump’s “big beautiful bomb” for delivering a “big beautiful message” to ISIS and North Korea.


“It smashed ISIS tunnels but it did more than that,” Gutfeld exclaimed. “It ruined North Korea’s weekend.”

“As you know, they’re coming up on their founder’s birthday which means a missile test,” he continued. “And what did we do? We preempted it. We out-North-Korea’d North Korea!”

Gutfeld then called the bomb a lovely “birthday present” for North Korea, one that “beats balloon animals and face painting.”

“North Korea is the town drunk,” he gleefully continued. “And we just smacked that drunk upside the head while beating the crap out of the village gang, which is ISIS.”