NBC News’ Bill Neely: Assad Using ‘Alternative Set Of Facts’ On Sarin Gas Attack [VIDEO]

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Bill Neely slammed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during an interview on MSNBC Thursday.

NBC News’ chief global correspondent didn’t mince words when he went after Assad’s statement regarding the recent U.S. tomahawk missile strike carried out on a Syrian airfield.


Assad responded to the strike — which President Trump has stated was in direct retaliation to the deadly Sarin gas attack carried out by the Assad regime — by arguing that Syria doesn’t have weapons capable of such destruction and wouldn’t use them if they did.

“This is a typical President Assad line,” Neely told host Ali Velshi. “He’s dodging all the videos, all of the evidence on the ground.”

“President Assad has simply got a whole alternative set of facts.”

Neely went on to trash Assad’s claims that Syria didn’t order the chemical attack or that the children shown in the video of the attack might not have really died.

“It shocks us but, you know, that is the way they see things, both there and here in Moscow as well.”