Don Lemon Explodes On Jeffrey Lord For Comparing Trump To Martin Luther King Jr. [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Don Lemon tore into Jeffrey Lord during a panel discussion on CNN Thursday night.

Lemon cornered the former Reagan staffer into squaring recent comments he’d made comparing President Trump to Martin Luther King Jr., but the conversation hit a head when the CNN host accused him of spewing “before the war crap.”


“I want to hear what you’re saying to the coworkers you work with now,” he shouted. “Answer the question now!”

“I don’t want to hear about stuff from 50 darn, damn years ago!”

Ultimately, Lemon opted simply to end the segment after Lord accused him of “talking liberal.”


“No, I’m talking real,” he shot back. “I’m talking human.”

“You’re going to sit here and tell us someone doesn’t notice color? I notice the color of your hair… It’s insulting when you say something that is not in reality.”

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