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The Democrats Figure Out What America Wants: More Cursing

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The following is not a Photoshop. It’s not a parody account. This is an actual message from the actual Democratic Party, in real life.

Edgy. Moronic and false, but edgy. This is in reply to the GOP pointing out their lack of class:

And it comes after weeks of DNC chair Tom Perez claiming that “Republicans don’t give a shit about people.”

So it’s no accident. This is the message the Dems want to send. I guess they figure that Trump didn’t have to watch his language in order to win, so that must be what people want. “Buy this profanity-laden t-shirt to prove how much you care.”

What have they got to lose? Their dignity? Their mascot is literally an ass!

Sorry, Dems, but I still think you’re full of P-O-O-P.