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Bernie Sanders Is Campaigning For A Democrat Who’s Not Enthusiastic Enough About Killing Babies

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And National Public Radio does not approve!

Scott Detrow, NPR:

Sen. Bernie Sanders is campaigning for Omaha, Neb., mayoral candidate Heath Mello Thursday night, and he’s not apologizing for it.

“Absolutely, and I want him to win,” Sanders, I-Vt., told NPR Thursday, after a rally in Grand Prairie, Texas…

The Omaha event wasn’t that notable – just one of several red state visits on the DNC itinerary — until Thursday morning. That’s when Ilyse Hogue, the president of abortion rights advocate NARAL Pro-Choice America, issued a statement blasting Sanders and Perez for spending time and resources campaigning alongside a Democrat who opposes abortion rights.

“Abortion rights.” In other words: Abortion on demand, without restriction, at the taxpayer’s expense. That’s a “right.” And Bernie Sanders is expected to apologize for campaigning for a candidate who’s not stoked enough about it.

Democratic politicians used to kiss babies. Then they realized that their constituents consider it fraternizing with the enemy.

Well, never interrupt your opponent when he’s making a mistake. Keep doing what you’re doing, Dems. Keep showing us who and what you are.