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Howard Dean Explains Why The First Amendment Doesn’t Apply To ‘Hate Speech’

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Howard Dean is in some hot water among the wingnut set this morning, after claiming that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to Ann Coulter because the things she says are “hate speech.”

I don’t see that specified anywhere in the actual amendment, but maybe I’m reading it wrong.

Now Dean is explaining what he meant by that. Here he is, clarifying his position about the things Americans can and can’t say:

Ha ha ha.

And there’s nothing you can do about it, Howie. America is all about mocking and belittling people who try to tell us what to do. The Founding Fathers thumbed their noses at people who think like you. A lot of brave people fought and died to be free of people who think like you.

Free speech isn’t “hate speech” just because you hate it, Howie. The First Amendment protects all Americans, especially the ones who hurt your precious feelings.