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Tomi Lahren’s Legal Team Is On A Manhunt To Find The Blaze’s Butt Pad Leaker

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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After The Daily Caller‘s Peter Hasson recently exposed the unflattering ways in which Tomi Lahren allegedly behaved at Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze, Lahren’s legal team is fighting back. In her lawsuit against Beck and the company, her legal team is on a manhunt to unearth the mole or moles, even taking the extra awful step of seeking internal emails to find out just who squealed to The Daily Caller.

As reported by the Dallas Morning News Monday, a Dallas County judge ordered Beck and his company to produce emails between Hasson and any of Beck’s employees at The Blaze. Lahren is suing Beck and The Blaze in order to get released from her contract. Her lawyers are, however, trying to use The Daily Caller story to their advantage after a Civil District judge instructed both sides not to “disparage each other.”

In turn, Beck and The Blaze are suing Lahren.

Among other sordid details, Hasson’s story revealed that Lahren reportedly required her underlings to warm up her butt pad in the microwave before every show. She also reportedly behaved like a “diva” with a penchant for high drama that included hatred for a makeup artist. The story, through extensive sourcing, paints her as a journalist with a penchant for high drama who doesn’t treat her coworkers like human beings. The reporter protected his sources by allowing anonymity, which is a common practice in media stories in which reporters could get into trouble for speaking up.

“I haven’t heard anything from any of the lawyers,” Hasson told The Mirror. “I think they’ll be pretty disappointed with what they find (or don’t find) in the emails.”

When asked to elaborate on his sourcing and whether the phone was the primary vehicle for communication, Hasson refused. “I really don’t want to say anything more than that,” he said.

He told the Dallas Morning News that he will never reveal his sources.

“All I have to say is that I will never give up my sources,” he said.

The Mirror sought comment from Lahren’s award winning lawyer, Brian Lauten.

If he returns my call, I will report his thoughts as soon as they become available.

UPDATE: Lauten returned my call. When asked about the latest step in the lawsuit, he said, “What I know is that the way that article is written it’s impossible that this information came from anyone other than at TheBlaze. The information clearly violates the court order and I’m going to the bottom of who at The Blaze told The Daily Caller. When I find out who those people are, I am going to expose them and get those people put in jail. The court has already ordered Beck and The Blaze to give a deposition and turn over all communication. Hopefully The Blaze will comply because they certainly didn’t comply with the last one.”

When asked how precisely he’d find out who spoke out about Lahren, Lauten wouldn’t say. He did direct me to the court transcript.