Woman Retakes DNA Test To Get Results She Actually Wants

Amber Randall | Civil Rights Reporter

One woman didn’t like the results of her DNA ancestry tests, so she forced researchers to re-do the test, reports The New York Times.

Erica, a woman identifying as both black and white, underwent a DNA ancestry test as part of a project by two West Chester University professors. Before going in, Erica predicted she would be half-white and half-black. She also added the caveat, “Not Latina!”

The DNA test results categorized Erica as “predominantly Latina,” based on a variety of geographic facts. Erica didn’t like the results, so she asked for a second round of analysis. This time, the lab did not make an inference based on the geographic facts, but gave her information from her geographic origins.

“In terms of Erica, one of the old labs we used used to have a combination that they considered likely ‘latina.’  It was derived from a combination of geographic facts. When we asked them not to make that inference, they gave us the data just on her geographic origins,” one of the professors explained to The Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. The professor noted that they no longer use that lab anymore.

The new test results revealed Erica to be 48 percent African, 37 percent European, 14 percent Native American and one percent other.

This time, Erica accepted the results.

Bernard, another participant in the project, discovered that he wasn’t actually black. Bernard identified as black for years and was upset to discover he was overwhelmingly European. (RELATED: Man Refuses To Accept He’s No Longer Black After DNA Test Results)

“Today, I don’t identify as mixed,” Bernard said, according to The NYT. “I reject my white privilege in a racist America. There is no way that I or my kids will identify as anything other than black.”

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