Former Trump Advisor Embarrasses Panel Of Liberal Journalists [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A CNN panel of journalists, including the host, nearly lost it when Jason Miller criticized the media for being hostile toward President Trump and his supporters.

Miller said Sunday morning that the media still “can’t digest what happened last fall” and showed their true colors at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

“I think too many in that room last night still fundamentally look at Trump supporters as if they’re a bunch of rubes,” the former communications advisor to Trump said while the panelists furiously shook their heads.

Journalist Carl Bernstein shouted, “woah!” as host Brian Stelter tried to interrupt Miller’s diatribe.

However, Miller continued, arguing that Trump is “absolutely right to criticize the media.”

“[The media’s] coverage of him so far, 89 percent of it has been negative,” he said before being cut off by Stelter yet again.

“You’re citing a Media Research Center study which is a conservative group,” Stelter interjected.

After more back and forth, Miller brought the topic back to the Correspondent’s Dinner and criticized the “twisting of the knife” by comedians and journalists at the event.

“You could tell…a number of people who were speaking last night just how much hate and contempt they had toward the president,” he finished to more grumbling and sighs from the panel.