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Rioters Now Throwing Full Pepsi Cans At People


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I didn’t hate that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad as much as a lot of people did, but in retrospect, maybe it was a bad idea to appeal directly to the idiots who pick fights with cops.

Not Coke. Not Dr. Pepper. Not even Mountain Dew. They went right to Pepsi. Coincidence?

This could be a branding opportunity. Pepsi Cola: It’s a Riot!

Obviously this isn’t Pepsi’s fault. Those rioters are responsible for their own actions. But maybe next time, Pepsi could try appealing to people with better things to do than putting on scary masks and throwing stuff at cops. I’m no marketing expert, but it seems like we’re a much bigger market. And unlike these rioters, we don’t rely on Mommy and Daddy’s money.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

P.S. Speaking of cocktails, the rioters also hit the hard stuff.