Texas Gov. Hits Back At Critics Of His Sanctuary City Law [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a simple response to police who argued it is not their job to detain illegal immigrants after they commit a crime, telling them it’s their “job to keep the streets safe.”

Abbott joined Martha MacCallum on Fox News Monday night to talk about the a new Texas bill that effectively bans sanctuary cities.

MacCallum read Abbott a letter from police chiefs that argued the bill would prevent illegal immigrants from reporting crimes, but Abbott responded that the bill specifically excludes people who are victims and witnesses of crimes from inquiries into their immigration status.

The Texas governor further asserted that the police chiefs are only against the bill because they are facing budgetary crises and feel they can’t afford to hold people for additional periods of time.

“That is the argument you hear a lot,” MacCallum said. “It cost them too much money, they just don’t feel like it’s their job.”

“Their job is to keep the streets safe,” Abbott said. “And by releasing people like the killer of Kate Steinle, they’re endangering our streets…that is making our streets more dangerous.”

“This law…makes sure our law enforcement officers are cooperating with ICE to turn over those that are most wanted,” Abbott concluded.


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