Lis Smith Called Out For Fake News [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Lis Smith was left stuttering after Fox News host Shannon Bream and Mercedes Schlapp blasted her for spreading fake news during an interview.

Smith, whose crowning achievements are dating Eliot Spitzer and working for failed presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, tried to claim that former FBI Director James Comey requested additional resources for the Russia investigation before he was fired.

Bream interrupted and correctly said that Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe denied those reports during his hearing Thursday.

Smith became incredibly flustered and stuttered for a few seconds before squeaking out her next point.

“We know that Donald Trump asked James Comey for his personal loyalty,” Smith argued.

“First of all, the White House is disputing that account,” Bream said before turning the conversation over to Schlapp.

Smith tried to regain some of her dignity by interrupting Schlapp, but she was quickly struck down again.

“You gotta let me talk. Look, let’s put away your Democratic talking points and talk about what we know,” Schlapp said.


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