Scarborough: Nikki Haley Is ‘Ignorant’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Joe Scarborough hasn’t had very nice things to say about Republican women lately, this time attacking UN Ambassador Nikki Haley for being “ignorant.”

The “Morning Joe” host said Haley’s metaphor calling POTUS the “CEO of the country” was “ignorant,” especially for someone who has experience in government.

Haley’s point was that President Trump can “hire and fire” whomever he chooses, but that didn’t stop Scarborough from attacking her.

“The UN Ambassador, who’s a governor, thinks ‘he’s just the CEO of a business.’ How ignorant,” Scarborough said.

“I can’t,” co-host Mika Brzezinski responded, sounding like a teenage girl.

“She’s been in government, how long, Mika? And she thinks the president is the same as a CEO? How completely ignorant can you be of our Constitution, of our history, of our Republic?” Scarborough continued.


In the same show, Scarborough contemptuously claimed that Kellyanne Conway used to tell the “Morning Joe” hosts off-camera that she was only supporting Trump for the money.

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