Republican Asks For Comey Memo On Clinton Meeting With Loretta Lynch

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — A House Republican wants to see the entire memo from former FBI Director James Comey on President Trump asking him to drop the investigation of Michael Flynn, as well as any memo Comey might have composed on the infamous meeting Bill Clinton had with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“If the New York Times has [Comey’s memo] that means we’re going to be able to see it and I would assume that would be fair. I assume that Mr. Comey also kept, if he’s disturbed by the same memos, that he gave to or about when Mrs. Clinton’s husband appeared in the jet with the attorney general,” Texas Republican Rep. Pete  Sessions told The Daily Caller Tuesday.

“So I assume that memo would be available to us also. And I would assume that we will see a number of disturbing trends that took place at the Department of Justice [during the Obama administration] for whatever he’s claiming and I’ll look forward to seeing all those,” Sessions said. “But I cannot comment, because I have not seen them but I would assume that Mr. Comey that if he kept one on this visit, evidently, he has others. Now I look forward to seeing those.”

Most House Republican currently have a “wait and see” approach to recent White House controversies, which include accusations President Trump revealed classified information to a Russian official.

New York Republican Rep. Peter King told reporters Tuesday, “I would have to wait and see the entire memo and the context and during the committee if Director Comey felt he was anyway being pressured to he would have reported it to someone before this and I do know that Andy McCabe. You would have thought that if Director Comey was being interfered with, he would have mentioned that to McCabe.”

King later said, “Just because it’s on the front page of the media doesn’t mean there’s anything to it. I’d like to see the full context, but so many stories have been true in the past including the New York Times and others totally untrue–let’s wait and see.”

Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise told reporters he is waiting for more information to come out.

“I haven’t seen the details of that obviously over the last 24 hours but a lot of information coming out about that. There’s been a lot about the Russia meeting, where I think General McMaster did a really good job today of more detailed giving a more detailed explanation of what happened there and, frankly, the fact that the president is pushing Russia to get more involved in rooting out terrorism and going after ISIS.”

Scalise went on to say, “But you know I think that we’re going to continue to find out more information, until then, let’s let’s see what the facts are. What should be Congress’s role in getting out that information.”

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