UVA Prof: Republicans ‘Promote’ Violence [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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University of Virginia professor Larry Sabato claimed that Republicans “promote” political violence and told CNN host Poppy Harlow to “get around more” when she challenged his point.

Harlow asked Sabato Tuesday if Americans were getting used to political violence such as the Montana incident where Rep. Greg Gianforte body slammed a reporter.

“Americans haven’t become more used to it, this is as partisan as everything else…Republicans, it doesn’t bother them,” Sabato responded, to which Harlow incredulously said he can’t characterize half of the country that way.

“Well first of all it’s not half the country…but Republicans support it because it’s promoted by their side, by their president, and by people associated with the Republican Party,” Sabato said.

CNN co-host John Berman chimed in, detailing incidents in which Democrats and leftists were the instigators of political violence, but his point didn’t seem to convince Sabato.

“Well look, you’re pointing to one example and saying that both parties were involved,” Sabato asserted. “This is more of the false equivalency that you all have been rightly criticized for…the Republicans support this because their leaders support it.”

In her final point, Harlow said she knows a lot of Republicans and none of them condone violence, to which Sabato snarkily said Harlow needs to “get around more, need to get around out of that studio a little more.”


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