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Hillary To DNC, Everybody Else On Earth: This Was Your Fault

(YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images)

As we all know, everyone and everything is to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 except Hillary Clinton. Now it’s just a matter of her calling out each culprit by name.

Chuck Ross reports:

Speaking at a Recode conference on Wednesday, Clinton roasted the DNC for falling behind the Republican National Committee in terms of voter and donor data analysis…

“I mean it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject money into it,” Clinton complained.

That’s right, it’s their fault. Hell, if she really wants to slam the Democrats, she should point out who they nominated!

Other things Hillary blamed for her loss, from the same interview:

  • Facebook
  • The “broad perception that I would win”
  • Sexism
  • Twitter
  • Russia
  • The email server “nothingburger”
  • Misogyny
  • Newspapers
  • You

I guess Hillary will keep making these public appearances as long as somebody keeps paying her to show up. It doesn’t seem healthy, for her or for the Democrats as a whole. She’s never going to accept her own role in her devastating electoral loss, and the Dems would be better off finding somebody who’s not so loathsome that she gets beat by Donald Trump.

I know just the candidate!

Chelsea Clinton arrives on stage to introduces her mother, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, on the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center, July 28, 2016 in Philadelphia