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Is Chuck Woolery The Next Kathy Griffin?

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Ex-dating game show host Chuck Woolery should stick to pushing Australian Dream arthritis pain relief cream and avoid politics. Unless, of course, he’s trying to raise his Name ID by admitting he’s an Islamophobe.

The dream cream has no burning or odor. The company he reps even has an “Empty Jar” policy.

But Woolery’s views leave a stench.

And his rep is getting as bad as Kathy Griffin, whose image got flushed down the toilet Tuesday when she dropped a picture of herself holding a bloody beheaded President Trump. She later apologized profusely in a video she posted on Twitter. She seemed genuinely sorry that the liberal masses didn’t rise up and support her. She wore no makeup.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Woolery, a 76-year-old conservative activist who has attended CPAC, spouted something about Jews.

Eventually he declared that he is definitely not an anti-Semite.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t anti-something else.













But he didn’t hold back on his Islamophobia.







Reporters aren’t too fond of him.

NY1 News’s Errol Lewis cracked, “Glad we cleared that up.”

And Jon Ralston, editor of The Nevada Independentexpressed his feelings about him: “Kathy Griffin and Chuck Woolery have done the impossible today: Made Twitter even dumber.”

NYT reporter Glenn Thrush has a more sinister vision for him. “Chuck Woolery and Kathy Griffin should take an around the world cruise together in the tiniest sailboat,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Daily Beast‘s Asawin Suebsaeng asked, “What the fuck is Chuck Woolery?”

The Washington Examiner‘s Politics Editor Jim Antle remarked, “America in 2017 is no longer divided into red states and blue states. We are now Kathy Griffin states and Chuck Woolery states.”

Bloomberg‘s Steve Dennis wants to bleach Woolery out of his mind: “Need a mute for Kathy Griffin and Chuck Woolery. And one of those ‘Men In Black’ sticks so I can unsee things.”

Woolery wasn’t finished talking about Jews.