Keith Olbermann Calls For Jared Kushner’s Arrest [VIDEO]

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Davis Richardson Freelance Writer
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In the newest installment of “The Resistance,” Keith Olbermann’s political soapbox-style web-series on Condé Nast darling GQ, the former sports commentator called for Jared Kushner’s arrest.

“I call for the immediate arrest of Jared Kushner,” Olbermann demanded, staring deadpan into the camera behind his signature navy spectacles. “If he should not be suspected of money-launder, racketeering, and influence peddling, then he should be suspected of obstruction of justice and espionage.”

Olbermann cited 18 U.S. Code § 794, which states that anyone convicted of violating such federal law, “shall be punished by death or by imprisonment for any term of years or for life,” before listing off a Rolodex of “traitors to this country,” referring to Ivanka Trump as “[Kushner’s] wife” in what could be surmised as a sexist double-standard when it comes to women in the Republican Party.

“These people do not believe in the law, these people do not believe in patriotism, these people do not believe in the United States of America,” Olbermann ranted. “These people — Kushner, his wife, Trump, General Allen, General McMaster, General Flynn, the others — are in their souls, if not under the law, traitors to this country.”

Olbermann’s statements come after increased scrutiny over Kushner’s ties to Russian banker Sergey Gorkov and Russian ambassador Sergey N. Kislyak. The Senate Intelligence Committee notified the White House in March that it planned to question Kushner about ties to Russia while The Washington Post published a piece on Friday reporting that Kushner had proposed a backchannel, without including the anonymous letter leveraging the majority of accusations.

“No matter which excuse Kushner has for proposing to talk to Russia, using secret Russia communications, while surrounded by Russian spies, inside Russian territory, there is but one answer: arrest Kushner now,” said Olbermann.

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