Trump Issues Another Declaration Of Independence

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Mark this day as historic. June 1, 2017: the day that President Donald Trump extricated the United States from the Paris climate accord.

It is a day of jubilee. It is a day of freedom. It is something akin to another declaration of independence — independence not from an empire but from a global welfare establishment that has been feeding off the United States since the Second World War.

If you only voted for Donald Trump because he promised to end the climate change swindle then the president has kept his promise to you. But he’s also kept his promise to all Americans not just to put America first but to selling America out to the United Nations and the climate change lobby that is both igniting the fears of people around the world and making a fortune from those fears.

When global warming didn’t seem to ring true anymore, the enviro-fascists started calling it climate change because that can mean just about anything. The weather can be hot, cold, rainy, arid or something in between and you can attribute it all to climate change.

Not only that: governments can tax you to death in the endless pursuit of lowering a country’s carbon footprint. The environmentalists can kill jobs and have us all living in caves without the benefit of cars as we do our bit to save the environment.

And it’s all nonsense. While Americans and other western nations suffer in silence, China and India continue an industrial expansion that has little concern for the size of carbon footprints.

Well on Thursday, Trump said no. He said enough. He said Americans wouldn’t be played for suckers anymore by the environmental hucksters at the UN.

There will be so very disappointed and sorrowful liberals on this day. For them, the environment was not just a political issue, not just a policy plank, not even just a cause; it was a religion. They worship the planet and they pay obeisance to the earth god through their various displays of environmental devotion — which largely translate into taxes and levies that are remarkably similar to what the indulgences that could be purchased for the remission of sins in the pre-Reformation Catholic Church. Liberals believe in suffering for they planet; they believe in following the globalist piper.

Trump is taking a courageous position with his exit. The mainstream, left-wing media that already aspires to see his impeachment if not his literal demise, has been quick to note that Trumk is out of step with the rest of the world, a climate change denier, abdicating America’s leadership role in the world.  But let’s get real, does anybody really believe that America was leading the world on climate change? Do you really want America to lead the world on such an issue? Wouldn’t you rather have America leading the world on economic expansion, political liberty and freedom of thought and speech?

Did you get the crass remark from Fox News’ afternoon liberal talking head Shep Smith, that “those who know climate change is real and that it is caused by humans” won’t like today’s decision. What an utterly totalitarian statement to make and how utterly banal. But this is precisely how the liberals have framed this debate: by saying there is no debate; that the issue is settled and beyond dispute.

This decision will have far-reaching consequences. It not only means the U.S. has finally said enough, but Trump’s leadership might actually force some of the other pusillanimous leaders of the world to question their sycophantic devotion to the environmental tryranny. Perhaps some of these jokers will stop talking about this outrageously silly “war on climate change” and wake up to the real war on terrorism.

Is it too much to hope for? Perhaps not. Many of us doubted that Trump would come through on the Paris climate accord, his administration is so honeycombed with environmental appeasers like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. But Trump showed strength and foresight — and the sort of common sense that the nattering nabobs of negativity at the UN will never comprehend.

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