McClatchy Misrepresents Own Story To Push Trump-Russia Conspiracy

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Newspaper giant McClatchy misrepresented an article Saturday about President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate change accord, promoting yet another conspiracy theory about the president.

The story’s headline read, “The one word answer to why Trump canceled the Paris accord: Russia.”

The body of the story, meanwhile, said that Trump’s move to leave the global pact was a fulfillment of a campaign trail promise and would please his supporters. The reporter, Franco Ordonez, wrote that the decision was “the latest example of Trump reverting to the comforts of campaign themes as his legislative agenda has been derailed by multiple scandals that have besieged his young presidency.”

The story only mentioned Russia once and in the context that the decision “knocked the multiple scandals related to Russia…off the top of the news cycles.” The headline, however, appeared to have the intention of re-inserting a Russia-related scandal in the news.

After The Daily Caller reached out for comment, McClatchy’s national site changed the headline of the story to “Trump hits campaign theme in Paris exit as legislative agenda stalls.”

The updated article does not acknowledge the previous headline.

McClatchy owns 29 newspapers around the country and the websites of The Miami Herald, The Fresno Bee, and The Charlotte Observer continued to sport the previous headline implying a nefarious connection to Russia.

Screenshot/ The Miami Herald

Screenshot/ The Miami Herald

The author and the Washington bureau’s executive editor, Kristin Roberts, did not respond to multiple press inquires about why the outlet misrepresented its own coverage.


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