Cruz Slams ‘Political Correctness’ After London Attacks [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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During a Monday interview on Fox News, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed tendencies toward “political correctness” after terrorist attacks, arguing we have to be “clear-eyed about the threat we face abroad.”

Cruz told Neil Cavuto that he appreciated the Trump administration’s hard stance against terrorism.

He added that the Obama administration was aware of communications between radicalized agents and people who would go on to commit terror, such as the Boston Marathon bombers and the Fort Hood shooter, but chose not to act on that information.

“With terror attack after terror attack… the government has had the communications, intercepted the communications, and it knew about the threat before it occurred but the administration was unwilling to act because of fears of political correctness,” Cruz claimed.

He also explained how the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama years “underwent a purge to alter or delete over 800 records to remove references to radical Islam or the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“Listen, that doesn’t make any sense,” he asserted, “to be ignoring the red flags we see…we’ve gotta be clear-eyed about the threat we face abroad to prevent horrific attacks like the ones we’ve seen in the UK.”


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