Think You Know What Trump Will Tweet During The Comey Hearing? You Can Bet On It

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Donald Trump tweets like no president before him — so much so that online gambling sites are taking bets on what he will tweet when former FBI director James Comey goes before the senate on Thursday.

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Online gambling site is setting odds for how many times certain words will come up in the almost inevitable tweet storm posted by Trump’s @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS accounts on the day of the hearing. As of now, the words listed are: Comey, fake, dishonest and believe me.

Each word has an over and under option for how many times the word will come up with corresponding odds established for each wager. The odds are listed in typical American style lines which show how much you stand to win if you place a $100 bet.

For example the over/under for times that Trump will tweet the word “Comey” on Thursday is set at 2 times. If you bet that he tweets “Comey” over two times your odds are +135, so if you bet $100 and it hits, you would win back your initial wager plus $135 more. If you bet that Trump tweets “Comey” under two times, your odds are -155. So if you bet $100 and it hits, you would win just $64.52.

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The over/under for how many times Trump will tweet the word “fake” is set at 2.5 times. If you take the over you will receive +140 odds. If you take the under, you have it at -160.

The word “dishonest” is set at over/under 1.5 with +170 odds for the over and -200 odds for the under.

And finally, the amount of times Trump tweets the words “believe me” is set at over/under 0.5 times with +155 for over and -175 for the under.

For some, odds are easier explained with a betting odds calculator. But if you’re feeling confident on how the president will react to Comey’s hearing you might as well have some fun with it.