Graham: Mueller Wouldn’t Let Comey Testify If There Were Obstruction Of Justice [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday the “best evidence” to date that President Trump did not commit obstruction of justice is that James Comey is being allowed to testify in front of the Senate.

Graham told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum that no prosecutor would let their “star witness” testify in front of the Senate if they felt they had a decent case.

“Well I’ve been a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and a military judge, and I can tell you what that means,” Graham said of news that special counsel Robert Mueller gave former FBI Director James Comey permission to testify on Thursday.

“That means in the mind of special counselor Mueller there’s no obstruction of justice case to be made,” he continued, “because if he felt like he had a case, he wouldn’t make Comey, his chief and only witness, go out and get beat up.”

MacCallum asked how Mueller could have already reached the conclusion that there was no obstruction of justice when he just began the investigation.

“What prosecutor in their right mind would allow their star witness to go out before the Senate panel of 20 senators and get beat up if you really believed you had a case?” Graham reiterated. “So this is the best evidence yet that…there is no obstruction of justice.”

“Secondly, Comey has now told us all that the president is not under investigation as an individual for colluding with Russia,” he elaborated. “All in all it’s a pretty good day for President Trump.”


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