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Texas Dem Goes From Hunger Strikes To Drunkenly Striking Trees

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Texas state representative Victoria Neave made national news earlier this year when she went on a hunger strike to protest a bill banning sanctuary cities. That bill is now Texas law. And speaking of Victoria Neave’s relationship with Texas law…


Don’t drink and drive, especially when you’re prone to hunger strikes at the drop of a hat. Booze is hell on an empty stomach. (Or so I hear…)

This might seem like bad news for an up-and-coming politician, but fortunately for Neave, she’s a Democrat. Ted Kennedy did a lot worse things than drive into a measly tree when he was hammered, and the Dems loved him. All you have to do is keep saying the things they want to hear, keep promising them free stuff and sanctuary cities and “social justice” and so forth, and they’ll vote for you no matter what you do in your spare time.

And now, the punchline:

Or even a tree!

(Hat tip: Brent Scher)