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Here’s A Thug’s-Eye View Of That Antifa Attack On Andrew Bolt

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Earlier this week, conservative Australian pundit Andrew Bolt was attacked at a Melbourne restaurant by a couple of spineless Antifa idiots. He fought back, and they obviously hadn’t planned for it. Here’s what the surveillance footage of that attack looked like:

Now there’s new footage of the attack, directly from the gentleman you see there holding the camera. As my second-favorite Australian Tim Blair notes:

The Fat Cameraman who turned up to film Tuesday’s Andrew Bolt assault has now released his footage – and claims he had nothing to do with the attack.

The “Fat Cameraman,” named by Melbourne talk-radio station 3AW as Nathan Coote, posted the following video to Facebook. Then he thought better of it, quickly took it down, and deleted his entire social media presence. Too late.

That’s it, lads. Scurry back to your safe space.

If that video gets taken down from YouTube, here it is again (courtesy of Melbourne Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi):

A couple of cowards in masks thought an older fella in a suit would be an easy target. They didn’t think he’d be able to defend himself. Live and learn.

Feel free to disagree with Andrew Bolt, or any other Trump supporter. Yell at them, send mean tweets, whatever makes you feel better. But if you physically assault them, or anybody else who pisses you off by saying things you disagree with, it might not go the way you’d prefer.

And yes, if Ben Jacobs had done this to Greg Gianforte, he would’ve been justified. Self-defense, man.