Stephanie Ruhle Scolds Guest For Saying ‘Grow A Pair’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle got politically correct on a guest Tuesday, calling him out for using the phrase “grow a pair” on her show.

Evan Siegfried, a Republican strategist and author of “GOP GPS,” was explaining to Ruhle that Republicans are having a hard time standing up to President Trump because his base still supports him despite the many scandals in his administration.

“There’s a certain point where it’s insanity and it’s a government serving only the person in the Oval Office as opposed to the person in the Oval Office that is serving other people,” he said. “Listen, Republicans right now are dealing with two things that are making it harder for them to stand up to the president and grow a pair…”

Ruhle cut off Siegfried, taking issue with the use of the phrase “grow a pair.”

“‘Grow a pair’ is not something we’re saying here,” Ruhle chided. “We’re not using ‘grow a pair’ because, last I checked, you kick someone in where you ‘grow a pair’ and they start crying.”

“So ‘grow a pair?’ Like, move on on that one,” she said.

Siegfried politely corrected his statement to say Republicans need to grow a “backbone,” which seemed to satisfy Ruhle.

“Backbone works,” she concluded.


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