Witness Describes Alexandria Shooter As ‘An Elderly Gentleman’

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

ALEXANDRIA–A witness to the shooting at Republican congressional baseball practice Wednesday described the shooter as “an elderly gentleman” between the rage of 55 and 65.

Owen Briton was at a nearby YMCA with five or six other people. The  structure was hit with bullet fire during the exchange between the gunman and Capitol Security detail. “He wearing a polo. He was short and stocky,” Briton told reporters.

“As I was leaving the gym, someone warned me not to go outside, because there was a man with a gun. I saw him crouched behnd a wooden structure and he had a AK 47 type weapon—some sort of Kalishikov,” Briton recounted.

Briton went on to say, “He was exchanging fire with someone who was behind a black SUV. I saw someone—a person laying on the ground as well as someone shooting over the hood. Later I saw the suspect being handcuffed.”

He added, “It was wild screaming.  Two shots passed by the window of the YMCA—one went through the other got caught between two pieces of glass.”

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