A Ban On Muslims Is An Excellent Security Option

John Ligato Professor
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I adopted two infants from Korea and am the grandson of Italian immigrants — so why would I want to ban Muslims from immigrating to this wonderful, accepting nation? The short answer is that, “Immigration minus assimilation equals segregation and eventually invasion. Think about it.

Let me get the obvious out of the way. Not all Muslims are terrorists, or support terrorism, but most good Muslims cannot be good Americans and still follow their beliefs.

Theologically, a good Muslim’s allegiance is to Allah, and no other religion is accepted except Islam. Scripturally, a good Muslim’s allegiance is to the Quran. Socially, a good Muslim’s religion forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews and they must submit to the mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and America, the great Satan. Intellectually, a good Muslim cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and believes the Bible to be corrupt. Democracy and Islam can never co-exist since every Muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic. So, Muslims obviously can never be both good Muslims and good Americans. Thus, the segregation.

The goal of the ethnic groups who immigrated to the US before and after the Industrial Revolution was assimilation. Why else would one leave their native land and search for a better life. My grandparents learned the language, embraced the culture and their children joined the American military. My father proudly served in Europe with the army during World War II and fought against Mussolini’s Italian troops. Dad viewed himself first and foremost as an American. He loved his Italian heritage but never confused his loyalties. Dad never attempted to convert anyone to Catholicism or impose Italian law in South Philly.

The majority of Muslims who immigrate to America and Europe do not assimilate. They do not celebrate our holidays, recognize our history, traditions and have no intention of assimilating. So, we are slowly creating two Americas and when the number of Muslim immigrants become significant, then immigration minus assimilation will become invasion. There have already been attempts to vote Shariah law into several American cities with large Muslim populations. It’s only a matter of time until Muslims control some city councils, and county commissions, and garner enough votes. There are pockets of Muslims in European cities where Shariah law has replaced sovereign law.

Observing this trend and phenomena from a law enforcement view is frightening. Large pockets of segregated Muslim communities are a recipe for anarchy, and we need only observe Europe to see our future.

John Ligato (USMC-retired), is a former deep cover FBI Special Agent and author of the new book, The Near Enemy: A John Booker ThrillerLigato has been an adjunct college professor, teaching counter-terrorism and international security at Campbell University at Camp Lejeune, NC.