Human Rights Organization Calls For Rodman’s Removal From The Hall Of Fame For North Korea Ties


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The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is going after Dennis Rodman after the “murder” of Otto Warmbier, who died earlier this week days after being released from North Korea.

(Photo credit Kyodo/via REUTERS)

The former NBA player has developed a relationship with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and recently visited the communist nation. The VOC Memorial Foundation is furious with Rodman over the visit and is calling for the former Chicago Bulls star to be removed from the Basketball Hall of Fame because of it, TMZ reports.


The non-profit organization said Warmbier’s blood is on Jong-un’s hands and are demanding that Rodman condemn the supreme leader, or else be removed from the Hall of Fame to send a message to the former NBA forward.

“Dennis Rodman’s complacency and coddling of Kim Jong-un romanticizes and makes light of how dangerous North Korea is to it’s own people and Americans who travel there,” the organization stated. “Removing Rodman from the Hall of Fame will send a message that all Americans are united against this regime.”

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Jason Lee)

The VOC Memorial Foundation has even started a petition on asking for Rodman to be removed from the Hall of Fame, TMZ reports. The non-profit’s executive director Marion Smith is also pressuring the NBA to excommunicate Rodman from the professional basketball community entirely.