Trump Calls Senate Health Bill ‘Very Good’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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President Donald Trump delivered some very brief — but positive — remarks Thursday regarding the recently released GOP Senate health bill.

Speaking at the White House, Trump said the bill may require negotiations but is “going to be very good.”

Trump initially supported the House version of the health bill before he changed his mind and said it was “mean” because it didn’t spend enough money Medicaid. The Senate bill would reportedly make even deeper cuts to Medicaid, which Trump promised his supporters he wouldn’t do.

“How do you like the health care folks?” Trump asked Thursday. “It’s going to be very good. A little negotiation but it’s going to be very good.”

His calls for negotiation could indicate he intends on pushing the Senate to add more funding for Medicaid. At his Iowa rally Wednesday, Trump said he hopes to be able to get a couple of Democrats to vote for the health bill.


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