Democrat Leader Blames Gerrymandering For Special Election Loss [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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As some Congressional Democrats openly call for the ouster of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi over the string of special election losses, the chairman of the Democratic Party is pointing the finger at something else — gerrymandering.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez told a crowd at the Texas AFL-CIO convention, “I know folks were a little disappointed earlier this week. There were some elections in Georgia and South Carolina that we didn’t quite get to the finish line on, but you know what folks? Those are beet red districts.”

Continuing, Perez said, “That was Newt Gingrich’s old seat, heavily gerrymandered by Georgia,” referring to the former Speaker of the House.

“There are 71 House congressional seats that are more competitive than Georgia’s 6th — 71! And you know what? We’ll be playing in all of them. And you know what? We are going to be electing Democrats right here in Texas,” Perez pledged.


Jon Ossoff, the Democrat running in the Georgia 6th district special election, lost by four points Tuesday while Hillary Clinton lost the district to Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election by only less than two points.

Ossoff’s campaign by itself outspent every other congressional race in history.