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Manhattan DA Claims ISIS Supports Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill

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Manhattan District Attorney CY Vance proclaimed Sunday night that the concealed carry reciprocity bill under consideration on the House side has support from terrorists like ISIS.

Vance told New York radio host John Catsmatidis on 970 AM that firearms reciprocity laws are “dangerous.”

Vance called on law enforcement to come out against the legislation.

“This bill is supported I am sure by ISIS,” Vance said. “ISIS points its readers to America and how they can easily obtain guns by going to states where there are no permitting requirements or buy guns in one of the 5,000 private gun shows around the country where no background checks are taken,” he added.

ISIS gave instructions to its supporters all over the world in ways to find firearms, including in places like Europe where firearms are restricted from the public.

“Much like its Crusader European counterparts, the UK faces a gun control dilemma as it feebly attempts to fend off the influx of weapons, but to no avail,” ISIS told its supporters last month. Jihadists are told to get guns “readily available for purchase on the streets of Britain.”

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would allow individuals who have concealed carry permits from other states to carry legally across state lines in another state.  North Carolina Republican Rep. Richard Hudson has a reciprocity bill in the House and Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn has a partner bill in the Senate.

“So a guy from Idaho, where there is no permitting requirements whatsoever, could carry his gun into New York City loaded into Time Square,” Vance told Catsmatidis. “If the law passes, there could be as many as two million more loaded guns coming into the city every year … and would increase the danger to our communities and to our cops.”


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