Feminist Harasses Critics, But Claims She’s The Real Victim

(REUTERS/Kacper Pempel)

Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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Feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian is facing a barrage of criticism since her unprovoked outburst at popular YouTuber Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin at Vidcon 2017 last week.

The feminist berated Benjamin before an audience, calling him a “garbage human” for criticizing her work on YouTube.  Since then, Sarkeesian has been claiming victimhood — describing Benjamin’s presence at her panel as an act of intimidation in a blog post, and in an interview on Polygon where she called for the creation of a blacklist for those who “harass” her.

Despite Sarkeesian’s claims, game developers are now accusing her of promoting harassment. One prominent creator spoke out against her for publishing a piece of fiction about murdering him. The feminist critic often rails against video game players, claiming they direct abuse and misogynist harassment at women in the gaming industry.

With enough “fuck you” money to speak out against the feminist outrage mob on social media without fear of reprisal, billionaire Minecraft developer Markus Persson called out the social justice ideologue and her supporters.

“I thought you were ok after our brief talk at my house,” tweeted Persson. “You seemed sane and level headed. Unfortunately, you have turned more evil.”

“She’s an empty vessel, a wrench, a tool to be used. She’s a sinister greedy fuck,” he added.

Not one to mince words, Persson said that Anita’s behavior was akin to that of a “cunt.” He also took aim at gaming website Polygon for supporting her false narrative that demonized Carl Benjamin and his friends as “misogynist harassers.” Persson called the website “toxic filth” that is “actively harming any healing that could ever happen.”

Adding to the discussion was Randy Pitchford, the CEO and owner of Gearbox Software, the game studio best known for “Borderlands.” Despite being an outspoken progressive liberal who often voices his support for feminist causes, Pitchford told Persson that he was subject to Sarkeesian’s bullying.

“She posted a fiction story about murdering me,” wrote Pitchford. “My child read it – that’s how I found out about it. In person later, she did not apologize.”

Sarkeesian has not responded to these claims, and the murder fantasy remains live on the official Tumblr account for Feminist Frequency.