Trump Calls CNN ‘Fake News’ During Energy Speech [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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President Donald Trump took a break from talking about energy Thursday to blast CNN as “fake news.”

Trump was talking about leaving the Paris Accord, arguing that it was a myth that pulling out of the agreement would harm the environment.

He used the point to pivot to the topic of fake news.

“Don’t we love that term ‘fake?'” Trump asked. “We’ve learned about fake over the last little while.

“Fake news. CNN. Fake.”

“Whoops, their camera just went off,” he continued, joking about when they cut from his recent Iowa rally early. “Okay, you can come back…I promise I won’t say anything more about you. I see that red light go off, I go, ‘woah!'”


CNN has had their fair share of troubles over the last month, having to fire two of their hosts and seeing three employees resign over a false Russia story.

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